Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monkey nuts!

We had fun last weekend having a meal out at a Texan themed restaurant. We were celebrating the good results that Sian has got in her recent school exams. In one exam she got 74/75 which is pretty much 99% and the top mark in the year! We all know which side of the family her brains came from.... Yeah, Uncle Joe and Auntie Carrie I know it's not me! 

We were the only people there and so we were able to have fun. They gave us a flower pot of monkey nuts that had been oven roasted.Something we figured out as we waited ages for the food to arrive was 

A: That's why they give complimentary un-shelled peanuts, so you won't notice the slow service.

B: Eating out absolutely guarantees you quality family talking time.

As we waited for the food the kids were a captive audience. We realised that at home they sit at the table as I am yelling "Dinner's reaaaaaaady...." and are gone as soon as their plates are empty. While we waited we had some great chatting and it was really nice.

Now all I need to do is win the lotto so we can eat out every night of the week!

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  1. I knew a family who used to have a 'formal' dinner once a week, meaning that they all sat together behaving properly (they would teach table manners at the same time to their kids) and having nice conversation to each other.
    Probably less expensive than eating out often!

  2. Guess we know why you were the only ones there...but the slow service worked well for quality time with the kids. :)

  3. Slow service = blessing in disguise. These are the times they'll remember.

    ~ Mona : )

  4. Sounds like a wonderful evening.

  5. Good thoughts on dinning are absolutely right!! Good for you Sian~ Brilliant!