Thursday, June 02, 2011

Memory Lane.

Gareth is preparing for his Confirmation next week. He was asked to bring in some photos of his Baptism and to tell the class about his Godparents. We had fun looking through the old photos and picking some to print off. This was our final selection. Doesn't he look gorgeous! If only they stayed so little...

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  1. Beautiful baby boy! I love seeing the girls so little too! God blessed Gareth with a wonderful family!

  2. I wish my fantastic Godson a thousand blessings on this special occasion, although if you met him you would know he is blessed already!
    (oh, and I think we (well I) look so much younger then, but it wasn't THAT long ago!
    I have great memories of that happy day, even if Fr Tony lacked a little on originality!!
    Lots of love