Saturday, August 13, 2011

Learning to fly.

With Gareth sick this week I asked Rhiannon if she could get the school bus so he could stay in bed. As the bus came close to pulling in outside our house she told me to quickly go back inside as I was embarrassing her in my dressing gown! I stood watching her from inside the almost closed front door and I felt a stab of nostalgia. This is her last year in Primary school. The last year that the school bus will pull up outside our door and she will jump on dressed in her Primary uniform. These years have gone much too fast and somehow I know that the coming months will pass quickly too. Another bird perching on the edge of the nest ready to learn to fly a little further away from home. I'm not sure momma bird is ready...

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  1. I'm feeling that way about the move to big school. I imagine it would be even harder preparing for high school.

  2. Oh my I hear what you are saying it is so hard to watch them grow up, need you less and really start becoming their own person. I hope that the move to high school isn't too hard for you, thinking of you:) xo

  3. Lump in throat time...
    I know ehat you mean Gina. It seems like yesterday that I was having a drink in a little cafe with my 'baby' the week before she started school and I suddenly got that "I need to stop time" moment. I just still brings tears to my eyes now!
    We just have to keep enjoying the moments as I'm sure there are good times ahead too.
    PS Love the way that you have put those photos together - it really captures the time.
    PS again! Hope everyone gets better soon.

  4. Ahhhh yes, the embarrassing years. I remember those well ~ soon everything you do will be labeled as "embarrassing" if there is even a glimmer that someone they may or may not know is around. I remember we were at a school event once and I was walking down the hall youngest told me to quit smiling like that, it was I quit, but that too was embarrassing. So I made a face...I thought her head was going to explode. It can be a confusing time. :-)

  5. Artfully done.