Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet Wilma and Betty!

Do you want to see where I transplanted the little Bottle Brush tree?

I put it right next to my birthday present!

My new Chook house!
Today we went in search of some chickens to live in it. It seems as though every suggestion from friends led back to the same man, Simon. Unfortunately Simon has a badly fractured leg and said he has been out of action for the last 6 weeks and does not know when he will return to selling in our area. He recommended an egg farm about an hours drive away. This morning we jumped into the car and drove to Anna Bay and came home with Wilma and Betty.

The kids had fun bonding and we all squished into the hen house for some cuddles.
Here are some photos...
We can't wait to check on them in the morning to see if the girls have settled into their new house and whether they may have laid us an egg or two!

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  1. How fun! My mom has about 22 chickens and usually collects around 18 eggs a day. One chicken, we haven't figured out which one yet, seeing as they're all pretty similar, lays GIANT eggs, I mean like so big they don't fit in the egg carton. I told my mom to just look for the chicken that walks funny ;-)

    Love the names you picked for your chickens!

  2. So fun!! I bet the kids just love them!

  3. Chickens! I'm quite jealous now! :) Sadly I can't have them where I live...or I couldn't last time I checked.

  4. They look like lots of fun! We talk about getting chickens from time to time but haven't gotten there yet. Let me know how you go!

  5. Love love your chook house. What a great birthday present to get. I got my chook house for a present too. I love having my chooks. enjoy your new girls. x