Saturday, August 06, 2011

Twice Twenty One

Today is Mr B's Birthday. We won't reveal his age, lets just say he told the kids he is twice twenty one!

The morning was a lazy one. I was woken by Gareth who had heard the phone ringing downstairs and could hear Granny and Grandad Joe singing Happy Birthday into the answer machine! With the time difference it was getting to their bedtime at 10.30pm but was still an early 7.30am with us!

Breakfast in bed, freshly brewed coffee and croissants from the oven. Cards and presents and excited kids. Guessing and squishing of parcels before tearing of paper. Always "I bet this is going to be a pair of pants" before squeals from the kids as yet another gift was discovered. In the end a very happy and spoiled Mr B sat in a mountain of torn paper, wasabi covered peanuts, new jammies, swimmers, a big bar of Toblerone and a book on whisky. It was declared the best birthday ever before it had hardly begun!

In the afternoon Byron fired up the BBQ to cook sausages for lunch. As it warmed up he sat on the steps in  the sunshine and drank a cold beer. Yep, he said, this is definitely the best Birthday EVER!

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr. B~ you are one lucky guy, aren't you? Sounds like it was a wonderful day!

  2. Happy birthday to your hubby:) I'm glad it was the best birthday ever, sounds like all the boxes were ticked. xo

  3. A Happy Belated birthday to Mr. B.

  4. That is so funny Simons birthday was on the weekend and one of his presents was a Toblerone as well.Happy birthday(late) Byron. I hear theres another special day on Thursday I will get in early lol