Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Year Promise.

Back in January I saw an interesting status on Facebook. A friend was promising the first 5 people who "liked" her status that she would send them something home-made at some point in 2011. In turn though they too would have to make the same promise to 5 of their friends. I joined the fun and then like all January resolutions it sat at the back of my mind and nagged and nagged me. Another thing on the never ending "To-Do" list.

Finally one sneezy winters day an idea came to me. Small little tissue holders. I read through lots of blogs and on-line tutorials and then got out a bag of fabric scraps and the sewing machine and got stuck in. As always when I do anything crafty I get carried away. Housework is abandoned, dinner runs late and our spare room becomes a No-Go zone! The results were worth it. As was the weight off my shoulders as one by one my parcels were posted off. Then as the parcels reached their destinations from just down the road to Ireland, Japan and America in came the emails and Facebook messages from the friends who had found one of these in the post!

Have you ever participated in anything similar? If you did what would you make?!

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  1. I'm a procrastinator too:) I do hate the nagging in the back of my head and i always wonder when I finally get around to the making why I didn't do it earlier. I have participated in a pay it forward but it was a while back so I can't remember what I made but it's a fun thing to do and to think that your lovely handmade pressies are all around the world being enjoyed is nice isn't it. Have a great week. xo

  2. These look great...wonderful idea. :)