Tuesday, November 01, 2011


On a day where I was feeling decidedly down in the dumps I got an unexpected phone call.

Visitors were passing through our area.

Could they stop in and let off steam before they continued on their long car journey?

Hell Yes!!!

Two little boys running up the driveway with grins on their faces and arms open wide for a hug. Only Mad Aunty Gina at  home to enjoy cuddles, giggles, tickles and fun.

One clever boy making paper aeroplanes...

One cheeky brother stealing them and running away...

and then getting side tracked by a pair of fancy shoes!
There really is nothing like the distraction of little kids to make your heart feel light. Their soft squidgy hands, big squeezy hugs and the way they say your name as they call goodbye and wave at you from the car. 

You can't buy that kind of happiness.

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