Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Race that stops a Nation.

The Melbourne cup is known as the "Race that stops a nation" All around Australia life comes to a standstill for 3 minutes as the most exciting horse race of the year runs. Some years I have attended and hosted Melbourne Cup lunches with friends, some years I have worked. This year I wasn't working and no lunch plans happened so I raced to school and brought the kids home just in time to turn on the tv at 2.59. We poured cordial and threw together the last of the Halloween sweets, chopped some fruit and had a party!

The kids drew names from a hat in school and although none of their horses won  they had fun. They were very excited when Byron rang from work to say that he had won a works sweep and was going to share his winnings when he got home. 

Would it be enough for a new car?

A holiday? 

Or a fancy pair of shoes? 

He came in the door waving his winnings. An envelope with $8!

I'll keep dreaming for next year!

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