Thursday, November 03, 2011

Musical Genius (we hope!)

Sian has chosen Music as an elective subject as she moves into Year 9. Part of the course requirements are that you play an instrument. 99% of the kids will have been playing one for many years. Even though Sian is musical she has never joined the school band or the choir and so she has a lot of catching up to do. We enquired with friends and found a local piano teacher who we hear is very good. No pop songs here, just real old fashioned music lessons.

Surprisingly Sian is loving it. She can play lots of songs off the radio through experimenting on our home piano but is happy to be brought back to basics at her once a week lessons. We are hoping that she continues to enjoy it because she has committed to studying it over the next two years. Maybe we will have the next big star on our hands. I hope she remembers to pay back her Mum and dad who spent a small mortgage raising her!

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  1. A gifted child deserves everthing that we can give him/her, you are right, maybe she will become a famous piano player, travelling everywhere in Europe. And her Mom will be travelling with her and come to Florence to visit her Italian friend.
    I love the quilt on the piano!

  2. I'm sure she'll enjoy it. I studied music for years 11 & 12 and I loved it - it was one of my favourite subjects. We've been thinking about piano lessons for Ella but haven't gotten around to looking into it yet.

  3. I have 2 pianists and 2 sportsmen. I do find it interesting how they have been very clearly one or the other from very early on. Archie has chosen Music as one of his electives for yr8, which will hopefully lead to taking his HSC a year or 2 early. Amazingly, his attitude in his piano lessons has "metamorphosised" (to be said in a Russian accent) according to his teacher!
    I'm sure Sian will delight you with her playing for years to come!
    Sandra x