Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Teachers Day

Rhiannon loves to make cards for anything and everything. She particularly loves to  make 3D cards which are made of layers of coloured paper to build up a scene. It was Teachers Day this term and she spent ages making this great card for her teacher Mrs Parkes. I particularly liked the scissors that could be taken out of the pencil pot and actually opened and closed because of the brad she used to make it, and also the bite out of the apple! 
We made some raspberry friands and sent them in with the kids as a treat for their teachers morning tea.  We really seem to have hit the jackpot every year with each kid getting the teacher that was just right for their nature and personality. It's so hard to think that next January Rhiannon will move to High School with up to ten different teachers in any one week. I don't think they could ever be as nurturing as her lovely Primary School teachers :-(

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  1. I remember the feeling of gratitude knowing that my children were being given exactly the care and the teaching that they needed in Primary school. But also in High school you can find particularly dedicated people who will continue teaching with their heart.
    The card is terrific, your daughter is so incredibly creative!

  2. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. That's a brilliant card! Love it.

  4. Those teachers are very lucky to get such lovingly made gifts. I would be happy to receive gifts made from the heart like these. x