Saturday, June 09, 2012

Confirmation Sponsor.

Sian was honoured to be asked to be sponsor to a lovely girl we know as she made her Confirmation this week. Usually you would need to be 16 or older to be given this responsibility but when Sian was in Yr 6 in Primary school she was "buddy" to this kindy girl for the year and they developed a strong bond. When this girl was preparing to be confirmed she was asked to choose an adult to be her sponsor. She said Sian. Being 14 Sian would not normally be allowed such a role but the Parish considered it and a week later rang me to talk it through. In the end they agreed that Sian was mature enough to be a good sponsor and role model and Sian was delighted!

Rhiannon was an Altar server that night and was very nervous because we have a new Bishop. She did really well!
I'm very proud of my two girls! xo

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  1. How nice! Score one for the Catholic church, which is always so strict at "rules" for making the exception for Sian! That is truly special~

  2. What a wonderful opportunity. She must be such a sweet person to have made such an impact in another persons life.

  3. Whata a lovely, lovely feeling being proud of our children!