Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why Mums are NEVER wrong...

Rule 1: Mum knows best
Rule 2: Don't argue with her
Rule 3: Even if you think you are right...


Thursday night I ran around tidying and sorted the kids before I left for a work lecture (cancer markers in the blood and their use in predicting tumours) I served dinner and picked up the trail of abandoned bags, lunch-boxes, hats and shoes. Friday is sports day in school and this was the last week of term so no more midweek uniform for two whole weeks! Yippeee! I put the heavy black shoes in their places on the shoe rack and got out sports shoes and put them next to the front door. I found Gareth's abandoned school trousers at the bottom of the stairs. It was sports pants the next day so formal pants went in the wash basket. By the time I ran out the front door with car keys in one hand and putting shoes on with the other I thought I had done a good job.

Fast forward to the next morning. We get up, dressed, fed and out the door without any dramas. Walking across the school playground Gareth stopped and looked distraught. "Mum, I'm in the wrong uniform" I looked at him and realised he was in his midweek clothes not sports uniform. We got back in the car and zoomed home. As we drove I looked over and started to wonder how this had happened. Weren't those the shoes I had put away last night. Weren't those the trousers that had been in the wash basket. It turns out that after I had gone out Gareth had decided I was wrong. He had swapped the shoes and retrieved the dirty trousers from the wash.

Hmmm. On the drive back to school I went through Rules 1, 2 + 3. He looked like he wanted to provide a counter argument but I gave him the look and he cleverly decided now wasn't the time. After a short silence he turned to me and said. "Someday we will look back on today and laugh Mum" Another short silence and I looked at his earnest face and we both broke out in howls of laughter.

"See Mum, Someday is today!"

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  1. Pahahahahahahaha! If it's any consolation I'm a terrible mother FOR washing their clothes and then not returning them in a ball back on the floor where they've left them!! Then at least they'd find them.......:)

  2. Oh, Gina, this moment of deep connection with your son is invaluable!