Friday, June 29, 2012

Eat your crusts!

Were you ever told to eat your crusts as a child? 

I was told it would make my hair go curly while my brother was told it would give him hairs on his chest. 

Gareth never eats his crusts. Sometimes his lunch box comes home with just one monster bite out of the fluffy centre of the sandwich and 70%  of the rest untouched because it is "the crust" 

I have warned him if he doesn't start eating his crusts he will never grow up to have hair on his chest like Dad

When I finished cutting his hair the other evening he called me to look at his hairy chest...
...and proved me wrong!

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  1. Gareth is a fine boy full of humour. And in a few years you will be even more wrong!

  2. This is sooooooo funny Gina .. yep I was always told to eat my crusts, and I tell my grandchildren too, but I have slackened off a bit, because, I still don't like to eat them , so why should I make them .. ha ha