Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sorry for the break in transmission...

It has been brought to my attention by some lovely friends that I have been a bit slack in the blog writing department! Thank you for your worry but all is good here. Sometimes life picks up the pace a little and I am learning how to balance things so I don't feel frazzled. I love my blogging but have had to turn my focus to real life over the last few weeks.

This year is the first year of High School for our middle child Rhiannon. So far it is going really well but we have quickly learnt not to assume that all our kids are carbon copies of one another. We have learnt that one way of studying may suit one child but not another. Sian has always been very independent and doesn't benefit from us hovering over her shoulder. She plans and executes her own study without much interaction from us and her grades are always really good. With Rhiannon she needs help to plan and if left to her own devices can feel overwhelmed and unable to see the wood for the trees. They have both had exams in school in the last few weeks and it has really shown how different they are in their needs and as parents we have found ourselves learning as we go. I do sometimes wish this parenting job came with a manual! Luckily the exams are over for now and the results are trickling back and are great. Each child although very different is getting results that show they worked to the best of their abilities which makes us really proud of them both.

One thing I have noticed with High School is how much of their homework is computer based. If it's not Internet based research it is needing to be handed in via a Word document or power-point presentation. When we planned this house we put a big desk in an open plan area and put a family computer on it. We thought this would be perfect for our needs and provide a safe way of watching over their Internet use. Little did we realise that we would need to juggle timeslots on it to get each nights homework done. And as for blogging time... It has slipped down the list of importance!

So my dear friends. I have many many blogs exploding in my brain and wanting to find release here so prepare yourselves for a bit of a mega catch up over the near future! And for all my fellow bloggers I have many of your posts to catch up on. Hopefully I will be back commenting on your words of wisdom soon too!

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  1. I did miss you! I do not, however, miss all that homework my kids had... so glad to be past all that!! Good luck to you all!!

  2. I'll have to keep that lesson in mind about learning to work with each childs study style. I think we all have times when blogging has to take a back seat, but I can't wait to see more of what you've been doing. You're blog is always so much fun to read.

  3. Yay!


  4. Nice to see you back. I am the queen of blog neglect but hey, I reckon life comes first. You do well to do both so well ;) xx

  5. Hey! Nice to see you back as well. I honestly didn't notice because I've been away myself. Looks like everyone is doing great. What an honor for Sian being only 14 and allowed to be such a roll model to a younger girl. Very proud for you. We have noticed the same study issues with our children as well. My oldest also pretty much did what was needed without guidance, while my middle guy needs constant supervision....his is not because he can't do the's just he chooses not do! That's where I step in! Grades got much better! Glad the summer is here though. Looking for a much needed rest. Looking forward to reading your blogs again. See you soon.


  6. Welcome back, I know how life sometimes requires more attention than the blog!