Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blog drought

I've been a slack blogger recently. More and more this year I find that blogging has slipped down the list of priorities. I think that when too big a gap stretches from the last published blog post the pressure seems to mount as I mentally count the things we have been getting up to and should have blogged, but haven't. There just doesn't seem to be the time to commit to words the things that have been happening in our increasingly busy lives. The more days tick by, the more unwritten posts sit in my head, the guiltier I feel and it all becomes too much so I push it to the back of my mind. Kind of like the ironing mountain that was engulfing the laundry room. Well yesterday I tackled it and after about 4 hours it is done. And today I am going to try to break the blogging drought with a post or two. Even if I have to back date them so they fall in vaguely chronological order to read back on in the future. Is that allowed? Will people miss out if the post gets buried in the past? Does it matter? See how I get my head in a muddle?! I hope that I will find a good rhythm again where blog posts flow in a fairly regular pattern and fit in with the whole work/family/cleaning/cooking balance. We can dream can't we?!

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  1. Hello Gina, one thing I have learnt and so have a few of my friends.. Never feel guilty about not blogging, .. Blogging is meant to bring us pleasure too, not just our readers. If they know how you feel ,they willl be back ... and we are all entitled to a break .. :-)

  2. I agree with Anne and I also think that this is the busiest period of the year, so much is going on that we do something else than blogging.
    As you say, blogging is not a priority!