Thursday, December 27, 2012

Me and Mr B!

I often get a hard time for not actually appearing in the blog. That is because I enjoy being on the other side of the camera most of the time. My friend Julie snapped this photo when were at their house this week so I thought I would put shyness aside and say a big hello! And yes, this is a tan for me! The idea that living in Australia would leave me with a light healthy glow all through the year proved to be wrong. This is me in all my summer glory. You should see me in the winter, I'm invisible! 

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  1. Oh Gina, you gorgeous girl. It's a delight to see you. More of it, I say! J x

  2. Fab photo .. love the tan ! LOL ..

  3. Don't worry - I have lived here all my life and my tan is like yours! We are not all bronzed Aussies! In fact you may have the edge on me!

    You both look like lovely people xx

  4. beautiful picture :)