Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dr Who

On tv last week we watched a recording of a concert in London's Albert Hall. It was the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra playing the theme music from Dr Who. There was lots of audience participation with many of the characters from the series walking through the auditorium as the music played. When an ad appeared on the tv for the Australian tour dates I jumped off the sofa in excitement! They were already half way through the Sydney dates. I went online and searched how much to buy tickets... The first quote was over $600 but I realised that I was looking at premium boxes *phew* Searching again for the family tickets the bill was a much more reasonable price.

I persuaded Byron that going to a show as a family would have a much bigger impact and better memories than putting an extra gift under the tree (adding to the already overgenerous pile from Grandparents, friends and extended family) And so we found ourselves booking the very last tickets in the back row of the Sydney Opera House tonight.
It was amazing! For anyone who has seen the recent series you will understand the significance of  "Don't blink" next to the weeping angels. Scary stuff!!!
The actual performance was amazing. Broken down into lots of small 5 minute segments of music, each piece being introduced by the amazing Alex Kingston (who played River Song in the Dr Who series and also Dr Elizabeth Corday in ER) 

When the show finished we waited outside the stage door and were able to meet Alex and Sian got her autograph. It was all I could do to take a blurry photo of Sian and Alex on my phone and not push Sian out of the way and hug Alex myself!
It truly was a brilliant night and one we will talk about for a very long time!

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