Saturday, December 22, 2012

How (not) to bake perfect Shortbread

A lot of our gifts to local friends and teachers are home-made. It costs us very little in terms of money but we put time and energy into it and enjoy the fun of making them.

This year I decided to make some shortbread biscuits. Sian was given a music note cookie cutter earlier this year by her friend Gemma. This made great cookies for her piano teacher.

Next on the list were our neighbours who were going away so I set to work one evening making stars. Unfortunately I was feeling pretty tired that night after a month of double hours in the hospital and I may have dozed off on the sofa... 
Luckily Byron smelt the burning, woke me up and had his camera on hand to record the moment forever...
So this Christmas season I urge you to pay attention and learn from me how NOT to bake perfect Shortbread!

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