Friday, December 30, 2005

13 in the bed and the little one said....

Wow! We have just survived our biggest houseful of overnight visitors! Charles + Sue stayed overnight with their two children Ben (3) and Hannah (1) Helen (Sues sister) + Pete and their two kids Sam (5) and Tom (6months)

Our head count was 6 adults and 7 kids! We had a brilliant day in the pool, a hectic bedtime for the little ones, and finally a wonderful BBQ steak dinner washed down with copious amounts of beer + wine!

I'm not sure whos idea it was but we ended up having a lovely midnight swim! We tried to light some floating candles in the pool but there was a light breeze and they were blowing out faster than we could light them! It was a fabulous night and despite the alcohol drunk there were no hangovers this morning! Perfect!

We had a lovely breakfast courtesy of Mr B! Bacon, muffins and eggs all BBQ'd within an inch of their lives!!! All washed down with mugs of tea!

After breakfast the temperature was creeping up + up so we slapped on the suncream and jumped into our swimmers and into the pool again to cool off ....It's becoming a bit of a great, predictable routine!

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  1. You beat us to the blog this time! Fantastic picture of Hannah. Great weekend had by all, and no fights!

  2. Thanks for a great time - really good to see you all!!