Thursday, December 08, 2005 !

Phew! It's averaged 35 degrees over the past few days and the wind is warmer than a tumble-dryer.

It was so hot in my office in the house today that I sent Gina out to the local store to buy an air-conditioning unit - over $900, ouch !

The kids are coping really well with the heat, especially at night when it doesn't get below 30 degrees at the moment. It's strange having to put sun-cream on the girls every day before they go to school but they're so used it now that they remind us if we forget.

It was so hot today that the kids didn't even want to go into the pool. At least the fridge is holding out which keeps the beer icy cold.

It sounds like it's a bit chilly over in the UK, we're thinking about you all especially so close to Christmas. Although its only around the corner, it doesn't seem right to see huge Santas everywhere surrounded by fake snow when everyone is walking around half-naked in the heat...

Send snow.........

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