Wednesday, December 28, 2005


For those that know my brother Joe (and those that don't) let me tell you about his dislike of insects.....

When we were kids and our little sister Carrie ran screaming from the bathroom having found a spider was lurking in the bath, did she run to her big brother for help?.....


It was well known in our family that Joe was equally "cautious" about anything living in our house that had more than 2 legs! I had forgotton this when we arrived in Australia nearly 3 months ago. You may think that now that he is 30 he would be more rational about these things..

No again!

One example of this was when Joe, Byron and Rhiannon were getting ready to be pulled along on an inflatable "hot dog" behind Kels speedboat on Boxing day. Before they even started moving Joe managed to topple the hot dog over and they all went tumbling into the lake. Why? Because of a fly!

Last night Joe and Rhonda joined us for a bottle of wine (which became 2!) As we opened the front door for them to leave I saw a fantastic stick insect. I picked it up and sat it on his windscreen hoping to make him jump. I was disapointed when he didn't react much to it. He thought it was fake! I wish I could have taken a photo of his face when he realized it was real!

Here is a photo we took of it on my arm after he had left...

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