Friday, December 16, 2005

Real Estate

It's been another busy week. Today we officially placed a holding deposit on some land ! The land is about 600sq metres with a slight slope. It is in quite an elevated position in a completely new development.

We have been looking for what seems ages now for the right plot to come along as level blocks are fairly rare in this area, but the house we have decided to buid requires an almost level building area.

How long will all this take? Good question, the land needs to be "registered" and this doesn't take place until February 2006. After this, the house may take up to 10 months to build...this means that we could be in our very own house just in time for next Christmas ... you're ALL invited !!

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  1. "Slight Slope", "Elevated Position" - Byron, you'd better get yourself an UPHILL Lawn mower.

  2. Fantastic news. Will you be far from the lake?

  3. About 5 minute drive Charles, and if we jump up and down on the roof you can catch glimpses of it...