Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

What a brilliant day. The kids have been suitably hyped up by us both and can't wait to get to bed!

The one downside was the heat. Every now and again a westerly wind appears and it's unbelievable. It feels like you're in a tumble dryer as the wind is so hot. We struggled in the house so we decided to go to a restaurant close by because we know their air-con is set too low...should be perfect for newbies like us, right? Nope. Within 10 minutes of ordering our food there was a power cut and the kitchens made the restaurant hotter than outside !!

Sian and Rhiannon had rehearsed for weeks for an evening Christmas Mass today which was fabulous. The church was overfull, with people like me just turning up at this time of year just to soak up the atmosphere. Both girls were "angels" in the mass and had tinsel in their hair. Sian was her usual perfectly well behaved self, whereas Rhiannon was also her usual self and
made everyone laugh by pulling faces and elbowing her friend next to her. Angel, my foot! Where does she get it from?

After Mass it was a quick drive down to the local jetty where we were met with about 500 other families. What for? Santa was arriving by boat to throw sweets at the children and there was a mad rush as his boat appeared around the bay, complete with loud music. It set the scene perfectly, as the kids knew that Santa was in town and they had to get to bed pronto.

We quickly went to Anne and Kel's house for a lovely meal and to exchange gifts. I'm getting into the Aussie way of thinking at the moment - my main gift from them was a large cool box (for keeping grub and beer cold) called an Esky and a fishing rod. Even Rhiannon has her own rod at the moment, Gareth had a big car and Sian received a jewellry box.

Bed time was swift for the sproggs, no messing around except for setting some carrots and a pail of water for the reindeers. Still hot tonight though...

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  1. The Angels look great. Can't expect all Angels to behave like Angels all the time.