Saturday, December 17, 2005

House Viewing

After yesterday's excitement with buying the land, we couldn't wait to go back to see the house that we're going to build. The show home is about 30 minutes drive away, and we even managed to get the kids excited by telling them that they could see their new bedrooms.

The house has four big bedrooms, and we intend to convert the downstairs study into another bedroom with its own bathroom and shower. It has a double garage, formal living area, dining room, kitchen, family living area and an extra room that's called a "rumpus" room over here (basically a place where you can lock the sproggs in !)

Upstairs has another family living area with room for sofas and entertainment such as a tele and hifi and four bedrooms. There is also a balcony upstairs too. Here are some pics:

Downstairs study-soon-to-be-grandparents-bedroom...

Formal living area for posh people like us...

Here's a photo of the kitchen (this was taken from their website)...

Here's a picture of the front of the house (again, from their website)...

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  1. House looks great. Roll on next Christmas.

  2. Oh my God, what a fabulous house! You lucky things but no mention of a pool, how are you going to survive without it? Bet you're ears have turned into gills!

    Good to hear you're still enjoying it.

    Take care

    Bridgeen x
    P.S. Gina-the stick insect!! I'm with your brother............

  3. Had a few "free" moments. I decided to check out your past posts. I didn't realize you've been blogging for awhile. I was intrigued by the house viewing post. We recently relocated as well. Due to the area we decided to stay, there was no way we'd be able to build the dream home I always imagined. I've realized that a house does not make a home. I wrote about it as well. I think I called mine The Brady Bunch House..nixed. It was my realization of things.

    "Free" time over. The children are calling. I'll have to stop by again later.