Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas eve

Our Christmas Eve was lovely this year. Byron came home from work earlier than we were expecting. We had just finished making some cookies so we sat back with cups of tea and vegged for a couple of hours.

The kids all had a part to play in the Christmas Eve mass so we headed off at 5.30pm.
We watched Sian Alter Serve, Rhiannon dance and do a reading and Gareth ring some bells.

All kids were excellent and even Byron behaved himself!
When mass finished we went to Rathmines to watch out for the Wangi Queen.
We saw it come across the lake with Christmas music blaring and Santa waving from the front.
When we got home the sun was jut setting and everything felt very exciting in the half light.

We quickly made some reindeer food (oats and glitter) and the kids threw it around the front garden in a very frenzied and excited dance!
The water and carrots were left on the front door step.

After the Santa tray was set up three very hyper kids went up the stairs to brush teeth and go to bed. Magic!

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