Friday, December 05, 2008

To Grandad Joe

To Grandad Joe,

I have maked you a card today and I wrote you a message on it. My Mum will put it in the post office when I am in school. I hope you like my card. I took a long time and Mum was going a bit "Hurry up Gareth" because the school bus was almost coming and my hair was all sticky upy and I still had peanut butter on my face and the special tatoos about saving water that my teacher gave me but Mum thinks need to come off now because they are getting a bit dirty. She thinks I can get into trouble for having them on in school but I siad that Mrs Elbourne gave them to us so how can she be cross? I hope you like my card. Sian and Rhiannon said it is not my card. They said they all made it too but I took all the space for writing so they were not happy with me. Mum said there was lots more space on the other side and made them write there. But they were not happy and I was because I got to write the biggest and bestest message. I hope you get your card soon Grandad Joe and I hope that hospital is not too scarey. My Mum says that hospitals are nice and she works in one so she knows everything about them in the whole world.

I hope you get better soon Grandad.

From Gareth xoxoxo

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