Wednesday, December 03, 2008

School Bowls Day

We had a fundraising day for the kids school this weekend at a local Bowls club. When the note came home asking for people to commit to it Byron seemed quite enthusiastic. You should have seen his face when he realised we had not paid up to go Bowling (think bright lights, loud music, frantic squeals as we throw a bowling ball down the alley trying to knock the pins flying in all directions) but had actually paid for tickets to play Bowls (think old people wearing white and talking quietly while carefully and skillfully rolling balls down an immaculate green on a quiet summers morning)

Despite the slight breakdown in communication and the slightly less enthusiastic mood getting in the car we did actually go and ended up having a really fun day.

The day started with Rhiannon and the school band doing a little concert. It was so hot I felt so sorry for them under the blazing sunshine.
They did a great selection of favourite Christmas songs.

Then came the Bowls. It was fun but we really didn't have a clue what we were doing.

We came third in our group which wasn't too bad. Did I mention that there were three teams..... Never mind!

Next stop was the BBQ where we had steak sandwiches and a cold glass of beer sitting in the shade. Byron looked more relaxed by now!
The next event was announced over the loudspeakers. It was time to find out who was going to stand behind the wooden cut out and have people throw wet sponges at them..... It was the school principal, Mr Peacock. Poor, poor man.

The kids had great aim and the parents dug deep for handfuls of money to let the kids try over and over and over again! Sian, Rhiannon and Gareth all had a few goes and I think it was worth every penny!!!

The rest of the day just passed in a lazy haze of kids bouncing on the bouncy castle, face painting, fairy floss and then a surprise visit from Santa in the local Fire Engine.
Poor Santa looked hot in his heavy suit and boots but he did a great job chatting to each kid in turn and handing out bags of lollies to kids that were already riding a sugar high! Perfect!

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