Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Wild Kayaker!

In my battle to keep the house clean, the kids happy, my husband nurtured and my parents supported I sometimes feel a little like I forget to have "me time". So in a once-in-five-years fit of madness I walked out of my messy house on a school morning with life-jacket on and paddle in hand and dragged Byron's Kayak across the road to the water and went on a little adventure. I felt wild and daring and took a self portrait to show as proof to my unbelieving children later! I felt more than a little achy and old the next day when I woke up unable to move my arms but at least I felt like ME!

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  1. Great Gina! Mrs B is wild & free!

  2. Good for you Gina!!! You go girl~ you deserve "me time" to be the best you can be!!

  3. I love it when I break the habit and surprise my children. Sometimes I also like to break some rules...and the children are even more shocked. Ah, it feels so good!