Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Parents in the classroom

In Year 7 in High School there is one opportunity for parents to get a glimpse into their kids school day. This morning they had parents in the classroom and we were able to join them for assembly and then their first two classes of the day.

After assembly I tried to promise Rhiannon that I would do my best not to embarrass her. I had my fingers crossed...

We strolled across the bright sunny school grounds in search of the science lab and out came the mobile so I could snap our shadows hand in hand!
Science was great fun. It was a practical lesson involving dry ice. We inflated balloons, exploded film canisters and made creepy coloured potions bubble and froth!
After all that excitement we went outside for PDHPE (sports) where we were shown how to throw a javelin. I had one attempt which shattered all my future Olympic dreams and left Rhiannon to persevere until she was pink in the cheeks. 
We said goodbye and she skipped off to her next class and I went to join the other parents in the hall for morning tea and a chat. When that wound up we found ourselves wandering down the school drive towards our cars and the long list of jobs we were supposed to be doing. Somehow the conversation never quite ended when it should and as other mothers passed us talking at the gates some joined in our huddle and time slipped by until I found myself with stomach grumbling excusing myself so I could go and run my errands. I had to race like crazy to fit all those jobs into the rest of the afternoon. As I jumped in my car at 2.30 to collect Gareth from his school I looked at my phone to see a message from Monica (one of my fellow natterers) telling me they were only just finished their chat and heading home! 

So I leave you with a message to the principal...

Dear Mr Stevens
Thank you so much for giving us parents the opportunity to join our kids in your wonderful school. It was great to walk beside them and see them interact with their teachers and friends. It is so good to get a glimpse of school life beyond the gates. There is only one small criticism I share with my good friend Monica. The school is lacking some comfy seating outside the gates, and perhaps a cappuccino machine...
Yours sincerely
Rhiannons Mum.

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  1. This post brought me back several years, to a time when my children were going to school. I have no regrets, only fond memories.