Monday, May 07, 2012

Umina Bay

A friend came up with a plan for a weekend away. It was at a camp-site that also had cabins to rent for the less adventurous. We fell smack bang into that category and having considered camping for less than a nano second we were on-line looking at the more solid accommodation options! We were in good company with every other family doing the same thing. 

In the end there were 7 families comprised of 14 adults and 19 kids! It was mad, crazy fun. We BBQ'd and shared snacks and watched the kids on the playground and swimming. The weather was amazing, no rain and lots of sunshine. This must be a first for us on a camping style holiday where normally we get caught up in some mini tornado or storm. 

With such a big group of kids ranging from 7 months old up to our 14 yr old Sian it was quite amazing to watch them bounce and laugh and chase each other around without any tears or falling out. 

I think we will be planing a return trip at some point in the coming year...

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