Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wedding Wishes

Today was a day that we would have loved to have...
A: Won the lottery or 
B: Had a time machine
C: Had clones of ourselves!

This weekend not one but two weddings took place in the UK and Ireland and we would have loved to be at them. My good friend Nessa was getting married in Tralee, Ireland and Byron's nephew Kerry was marrying his beautiful fiancée Sarah in Wales. We were however incredibly grateful to modern technology that allowed us to virtually share in their day.

It was great to be able to text Nessa on the morning of her wedding to wish her all my love.

With Byron's nephew were able to text family on the morning to tell them we were thinking of them. We had more texts as everyone waited in the church for the bride to arrive. By the time the bridal group moved on to the hotel we were lucky enough to be able to take full advantage of iPhone's and the hotels wireless broadband as we Face-timed and actually spoke to Byron's parents, sister, brother, nephew, niece and many friends as they waited for the bride and groom to join them for the meal.

As it went past midnight we were huddled on our sofa in pj's and dressing gowns holding glasses of wine to toast everyone. It was a cold night here in Australia and it was so fun to see everyone dressed up and laughing as they clinked champagne glasses in the bright sunshine! Eventually Kerry and Sarah arrived and we were able to speak to them too as everyone took their places for the meal. We watched as the waiter served a meal in front of the iPhone and it felt as though we were seated with everyone else and about to tuck in! 

We went to bed a little sad not be be actually there in person but so grateful that for a few minutes we felt like we were!

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  1. Bless you both, thank you so much, I almost believed for those few minutes that you were there, to share in our very special day as proud parents. Especially when you ordered Kerrys' first course of the wedding breakfast. Your beautiful card and wonderful words were read out during the speeches. An amazing day one we will never forget and so happy to share it with you.
    Congratulations to Nessa, hope you too had a wonderful wedding day.
    love Julie & Huw xxxxx

  2. How moving. I am often grateful to the new technology that allows my son in the States and our family in Europe to stay connected and feel a little less that we are so far away!

  3. nice couple the little girl in pink dress in lap of a lady is so cute. white color flower and smile of bride make environment happy.