Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers day cards.

A record of the lovely home-made cards I got this year!

I love the body in card number one. I just wonder where it has disappeared to?! Somehow I think a Google search might show me where it came from because I sure don't ever recall having one similar!!!

I love my bling birdie from Rhiannon

...and Gareth's poem?! Well, it's unique!

In case you can't read it it goes like this...

Oh Mum I think you're really young.
I hope you like your present
I bought it from a peasant.
You know Rhiannon calls me a bum
well I think you're a super mum
and you're very fun.


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  1. Yes, priceless. Our children are our life.

  2. Treasures for sure! Love the body too... I used to have one like it too, a long, long, long, time ago!

  3. Hey! How did he get a picture of my rocking bod?

    Next year have him rhyme "bottomotomous." I do so like that word. It fills the entire mouth with the hint of a word that might be off limits. But not.