Friday, May 04, 2012

Face Juggler

Apple are responsible for pant wetting laughter in our house this week. Byron downloaded a free app onto his iphone called Face Juggler. It allows you to take a photo and then it takes the main facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) and swaps them with another face in the photo. Sometimes it doesn't do a great job but if the faces are a similar size and are looking in the same direction the results can be hilarious. 

The kids insisted on Byron and myself posing for a juggle. It's not the most flattering "before" photo but having seen the juggled version and how awful we look I am happy to live with the original version of Mr and Mrs B!

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  1. That's hilarious!

  2. Too funny!

  3. Who's a pretty boy then?... Can't say the same for you mrs b! Sorry lol xxx

  4. Ha that is funny!! Love it!

  5. Hilarious!

  6. That is a hilarious app, my girls would have lots of fun with this one too. x

  7. That is laugh out loud funny!