Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to routine and order

This week sees the return to school for all the kids as they start the second semester of the school year. For as much as I love the first day of holidays and the freedom that it brings I love the return to school and the return to order and routine. 

This is what I see each morning as I stand by the front door waiting to start the school run. Gareth sitting tying his shoe laces, slow, patient, unrushed no matter what time the clock says!

Luckily we have been on time so far this week so I have been able to stand, relaxed as he slowly but surely ties those laces and even had time to catch it on my phone!

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  1. How cute!

    In my part of the world I am enjoying our summer off from school and sleeping in a bit with the children (when they don't have a commitment). Before I know it though the routine of school days will be a welcome change to the unstructured days of summer.

  2. I love this picture!