Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blue Lightning.

I love the childlike imagination and naivety of Gareth. At age 9 he has some really funny conversations with his Dad. A recent one went like this...

Gareth: Hey Dad, me and my friends have set up a band!
Byron: That's great Gar. What are you called?
Gareth: Blue Lightning.
Byron: Brilliant. Who's in it?
Gareth: Me, Tom, Owen and Darcy.
Byron: What instruments are you all playing?
Gareth: Well I'm the trumpeter, Tom is Saxophone, Darcy's probably singing and Owen... Well I'm not sure
what Owen's doing. I think I just forgot for now...?
Byron: What about a manager?
Gareth: Why do we need one?
Byron: Well you know, to book you gigs, do your promotions, handle your fans, stuff like that.
Gareth: Oh...
Byron: I'll be your manager Gar. I'll do all that for you.
Gareth: Oh Thanks Dad!
Byron: ...for a fee.
Gareth: WHAT?
Byron: You know, I'll take a percentage of profits. Lets say 20%
Gareth: Er...Um.... I'm not sure Dad. How about 5%?
Byron: Nah Gar, Let's compromise, Let's meet in the middle, let's call it a straight 25%
Gareth: Ok, Thanks Dad. You're the best!
Byron: *chuckle*

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  1. Haha, cheeky Mr B!

  2. He he. I think Gareth needs another manager;)x

  3. heh heh heh

  4. Ha ha. Cute story x

  5. Tell Gareth not to sign anything until he's had his lawyer check the contract.

  6. haha adorable!!! we had a funny moment with our 9yr old recently...we told him that if he stopped biting his nails we would get him an ipod ( ok we're desprete for him to break the habit) he was SO excited as he's wanted one for so long that he went in his bedroom and came back with a written contract that he wanted us to sign - seal the deal!
    haha so cute! and clever of him!

  7. So funny. One to tell when hes older.

  8. LOL! how cute....
    First of all, Thank you for visiting the Northern Light Blog, and for leaving a comment, so that i could follow you back here :)
    Second.... As of now I do not have any children, BUT i have just had 15 days of three small nephews hanging around my house, and the stuff that they say is just priceless :)
    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  9. Hehehe, sounds like something Nick would say to B-Man.