Monday, July 02, 2012

Find my Friends

There is an App you can use on your phone that can either be seen as really useful or as step towards becoming a stalker. It is called "Find my friends" and allows you to share your position with friends phones for a limited period of time (ie while at a large sporting event or concert) or permanently. The permanent option is really good if you have no secrets and don't mind your other half knowing where you are at the click of a button. Before you decide to give it a try you should know it is not infallible. 

Read on...

Sometimes I do a different job for my hospital. Instead of being based on the Rehab ward providing patient care I drive around seven hospitals in a 50km radius of my work assessing patients who are suitable to come to us for Rehab. Byron can see when the car is moving and often checks in with me to see how my day is going.

One day I pulled in to a McDonald's for my lunch break. I needed a quick caffeine hit and was tempted by a chilled coffee with a mountain of cream and hot fudge sauce. I hid in a booth to drink my indulgent treat and took a long sip with eyes closed and felt the sweet goodness swirl over my taste buds.

* Phone beep*

The moment was broken. It was a message from Byron. "Everything OK?"  Smartarse. I was sure he had checked where I was and knew not just that I was in mackers but probably knew what I had ordered and who had served me. This stalking checking in was wearing a bit thin. I let the message sit unanswered for a few minutes. There was another similar one. I rang him. He sounded a bit worried. He didn't know I was in McDonalds. He didn't know what I was drinking or who had served me. 

According to Find my Friends I had spent the last half hour in Charlestown Police Station!

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  1. Modern technology can be too overwhelming for me, I have an old prehistoric phone and stuck with it!

  2. Hmm. might give this one a miss. It's bad enough with online banking as Neil will sometimes casually check the bank balance when I'm out shopping and inform me on my return exactly how much I've spent!

  3. Haha. That is so funny. Good to know that it doesn't always work right. But are you sure you weren't at the police station and just blaming technology as an alibi. ;)