Friday, July 13, 2012

Retro "Come Hither" Apron.

My friend Jo recently made a fun retro apron. The description on the back clearly states...  "Come hither while I bake us some cookies" 

As soon as I read that I knew I needed to make one too! I bought some red swirly fabric and some plain red lining and set to work. I decided to make the pockets, waistband and apron ties from the lining fabric for some contrast. 

The night I was sewing the bodice and skirt together I got a little distracted by a glass of wine that Byron had poured me and left within arms reach of the sewing machine. In my haste to complete the apron I rushed and sewed the skirt on back to front! Lots of unpicking and cursing later I took more care sewing it on correctly. 

I was delighted with the end result. I put it straight on over my big fluffy fleece dressing gown and ran in to show Byron. The "Come Hither" effect was not quite there but it was too cold to abandon the fleecy warmth of my dressing gown and I really wasn't in the mood to bake cookies at 10pm. I contented myself with sitting cozily on the sofa looking like a polar bear trapped in the body of a retro housewife with a big glass of red wine in hand! 

Not quite the same image as was on the front of the pattern but real life is not a photo-shoot is it?!

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  1. gorgeous!

  2. Well done, you are a fairy with the sewing machine as well. I knew there was more than one reason to like you!

  3. Oh I love the idea of having a come hither apron! Its just lovely and you chose great colours too! I wish I knew my way around a sewing machine! It looks great!


  4. Oh Gina, you clever cookie. I am so impressed. Giggling in Hobart at the 'come hither' idea! Thanks so much for joining in with the POTMC. J x

  5. Lovely colors, and has exactly the intended effect of retro-come-hither-apronness! I haven't sewn anything since I blew out the sewing machine motor sewing curtains for my first son two years ago, maybe it's time to find a new machine?