Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hero Worship.

Today the Under 10's rugby team were invited to attend the warm up with the clubs senior team. They were allowed into the Holy Sanctuary of the changing rooms to watch the men prepare for the upcoming match against University of Newcastle. 

The mums were promised that there would be a clamp down on excessive swearing in front of the young ears but to be honest I think things like that are half the excitement for boys of Gareth's age. As long as the language doesn't follow them home or to school then I am ok with it.  

The 3rd grade men had just finished their game and made a tunnel to cheer the 1st graders onto the pitch and the junior boys got to run on with them. Gareth was chuffed. We got to watch the match from the sidelines. It was an exciting and dynamic game with The Roo's winning a very impressive 86 points to 12.

I'm sure their lucky junior mascots helped!

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  1. What a score, go Roos! Gareth looks chuffed to be running out there :-)