Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coconut Oil.

Recently I went to the Newcastle Farmers Markets for the first time. It was great and really deserves a post of its own. The thing I bought that I was most excited about was a tub of Coconut oil. It has been in the news a lot recently for its many health benefits, particularly with brain function and eczema. Both these conditions interest me and so I brought home a tub. 

I decided to use it directly on my skin to help my eczema which seems to have crept back in patches over recent months. When I got home and rubbed it all over before bedtime I felt like a walking coconut! Perhaps I was a little generous in my application but I was worried the kids were going to start eating me as we cuddled up on the sofa to watch tv together! 

As for me eating the oil direct, it just didn't appeal. Until this morning that is. This morning I read Fiona's blog post about what she was eating for morning tea and I decided to try it too. 
A slice of bread toasted, spread with coconut oil, with pieces of chopped banana and sprinkled with cinnamon. It tasted lovely, smelt very tropical and actually tasted quite sweet although there was no added sugar. 

Dare I say I'm a convert? 

I have only one problem now Fiona? Where to keep my tub of oil? In the bathroom cupboard or in the kitchen pantry?!

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  1. It is yummy isn't it and I have to say I just love anything with coconut in it. It's a bit of a running joke with my hubby who always asks whether this recipe has coconut in it;) I love the sound of your toast, I need to buy some bananas now. (lol)

  2. I know! How good is banana and cinnamon with coconut oil?! So yummy. To answer your question I scooped out some coconut oil from my massive jar and put it in a tiny jam jar (you know the kind that come with christmas hampers- sample size) and keep it in the bathroom for my face and hair (you don't need much for moisturising but eczema may be different!). Thanks for giving it a go Gina, you've made me feel quite special! And thanks for the link back, tres sweet. xxx Fi

  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/02/dining/02apperex4.html?_r=1 Just found this so it sounds like I remembered correctly...Not sure that I would use bittersweet chocolate, but I'm sure you can experiment :)

  4. Although I love coconut flavours, I've never thought of coconut oil as something you could eat. Sounds great!

  5. This made me laugh as I'd just finished reading Fiona's blog post and yours followed in my Google reader! Tempted to try now too!
    Sandra x

  6. I need to try this... Not a great fan of coconut tho!

  7. My husband and I read this post together and now we both have watering mouths!!! YUM!!! We also both agreed that we want to meet you some day so if you're ever in New York we must get together!!! : ) Hope you're keeping warm in your woolies!!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy