Friday, February 22, 2013

A walk up Nobby's

Last Sunday we were itching to stretch our legs and go for a walk. When I say "we" I mean Byron and myself. The kids were in full on vegetative mode. A friend had mentioned that Nobby's lighthouse in Newcastle is now open every Sunday to visitors and so Byron and I forced  encouraged the kids in the car for a bit of fresh air

* Obligatory information spiel to follow...*

Nobby's lighthouse was built in 1854 and is situated on a rocky outcrop off mainland of Newcastle. Since 1846 there has been a causeway constructed linking the lighthouse to the harbour. It's only in recent years that the public have been allowed to walk right up and into the lighthouse.

It was a steep walk and I was regretting my foolish choice of footwear as I alternated between hopping and yelping as I braved the hot asphalt in bare feet! Despite my moaning we did make it to the top and the view was gorgeous. It's always fun to see familiar landmarks from a different viewpoint.

I also had fun messing with the settings on my new camera. My favourite so far being the ability to balance the camera precariously on a chair and set the self timer for 10 shots. And so we got 10 photos of all five of us standing side by side. Some with tongues stuck out, arms in air and legs all a "can-can" style. Here's a respectable one I have permission to share with you.
Oh the joy of teenagers who need so desperately to protect their reputations. I am taking full advantage of Gareth's youth meaning that I can publish photos willy-nilly without needing him to approve them all first!
And finally, back to Nobby's beach to play "chase the seagull" and get an ice-cream to replace all those calories we had burned on our adventure! Yum!

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  1. Love the family picture!

  2. I havent taken the boys to Nobbys lighthouse yet. That is shameful, especially since it is a 5minute drive from my house.

  3. Glad you made it in time!
    Looks like it was a lovely afternoon outing :-)