Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines gift with a difference!

I've said before that I love Valentines day but not for the commercial-spend-loads-of-money-in-the-shops stuff. I love the things that take our time to show we care, not our wallets.

This Valentines day I got an amazing present from Byron. It was "made" one night last week while I was at a school meeting. Rhiannon saw the idea on-line, Sian took hold of the camera and Byron was the willing participant. They tell me it took AGES to make and for that alone I feel loved!

What to give a mum that loves photography? A photo of course. But not just any photo. Can you see the hidden message....?!

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  1. That is VERY impressive! Well done all :) I can imagine it would have taken a long time to put together indeed!

  2. Adorable!!!!! : )

  3. Just the fact that he took so much time to make you smile is enough of a love message for me to appreciate the mosaic. But there is something else, I bet?

  4. Sweet and very clever!