Monday, February 11, 2013

Glow Swim!

Over a year ago I read a fellow bloggers post where she let her kids have a night swim in the pool with glow-sticks. As soon as I read this I promised friends of ours that we would do the same. I'm embarrassed to admit that last summer whizzed by and the glow swim didn't happen.

A new summer is whizzing by just as fast so when I saw a $10 box of glow products in a local store I text them demanding we set a date ASAP. The following night was suggested and despite a weather forecast of possible thunder storms it went ahead. We sat and watched the slowly darkening sky from the safety of the kitchen. The wind had picked up speed and it blew dark rain clouds across the sky. The grown-ups consulted iPhones and talked about leaving it to another night. The kids had no plans to chicken out. At last dusk descended and the brave kids ran out to the pool with various glow products while the parents followed nervously wrapped in blankets. We sat and watched as the kids threw the sticks into the water and shrieked and splashed and had the best time.

The thunder rolled through the night sky and forks of lightning lit the distant skies. There was a good 30 minutes of fun before the storm crept closer and the rain started to fall. The kids admitted defeat and ran back inside the house carrying the glow sticks with them. Helped on by the couple of glasses of sparkling wine I had consumed earlier I thought it would be a great idea to copy yet another blogger and make glow jars. Out came the chopping board and scissors and I started to snip the ends off the sticks and drizzle them into empty jam jars. It was only when the kitchen lights were turned out that I realised the extent of the glow splashes all over the floor and counter tops.
I sincerely do not suggest you follow my example if you have been consuming anything stronger than tap water. I ended up binning the chopping boards and investing in nice clean ones the following day!
So there we have it. Another thing crossed off the bucket list! I think that was the best $10 we've spent in a long time!

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  1. Awesome - we have had Glowy baths but hadn't thought about the pool. Great images. And too funny about the spills everywhere. I think our kids love it when we do these crazy things sometimes. Making memories!

  2. How fun! I love all your pics!!! I bet the kids all had such a good time.

  3. This is genius! It will become one if those childhood events of legend for them all. x

  4. Haha, love the splatter!

  5. What a fantastic idea!!!! My son does a camp out in our backyard every summer and this year I'm going to our local dollar store and buying lots of glowy things!! : ) I love how they look in the jars, too. Thanks for sharing and I love the photos!!! xo

    ~ Wendy