Friday, February 01, 2013

Never too young to start saving for that house/boat/Ferrari...

I think Gareth is taking after his Uncle Joe the Accountant. He loves to save his money and set himself a goal of saving $100. As his collection of notes and coins grew he kept asking "When I have one hundred dollars can you bring me to the bank so I can swap it for a $100 note?"  Finally the day came and he proudly queued with his fistful of savings and asked the teller if they had any green notes. They asked him how had he managed to save such a large sum of money? Was it his Birthday? They really made a fuss of him and made him feel very special. Lets hope this good habit leads to future prosperity! You won't forget your pool oul' mum when she's grey and hobbling along with a walking stick will you Gar?!

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  1. Well done Gar! Holding green notes in his hands suits him :-)

  2. Oh bless him! He looks so proud holding his prized possession. My 9 year old daughter is the same, she has a £50 note and will not spend it, it will probably go out of circulation before she's willing to give it up! Have a fab weekend. xx

  3. Wow! That's great Gareth~ save, save, save! It's easy and oh so REWARDING in the end when you reach a goal! Do take good care of the Ole Mum of yours too!

  4. It is a good thing that children learn how to save money at an early age, it WILL come handy later on in life!

  5. Go Gareth!! It is so exciting saving up that kind of money and it gives you a great sense of achievement. May you earn many more of these:)