Sunday, February 03, 2013

Eat, Fast and Live Longer: Week 3

Week 3 is over and I'm pleased to say that it went very smoothly. Having weighed myself every morning for the past three weeks I have seen a huge up, down, up, down on the scales. I think this is due to the big variation on food intake and the subsequent amount of food being processed within the body. Although I'd love to grasp the smallest number of the week I think it is most sensible to choose a day that reflects normality. I've decided to stick to Monday and Tuesdays as fast days and then weigh on a weekend morning  when I've been back on normal intake for 4-5 days. I'm going to stay away from the scales on all the other days as it can get to being a bit obsessive and seems to dominate my thinking as I drag myself out of bed each day.

So far in three weeks I have lost about 1.5kgs (about a pound a week) If I'm honest I think I was hoping for more. I think this is probably because advertisements for so many "loose weight quick" diets have filled my head with false expectations of more dramatic numbers. I know the healthy way is slow and steady but I'm also aware that the first few kgs come off the easiest and I just hope that the slow and steady continues and doesn't slow down too much.

I talked about introducing exercise this week. I dusted down the exercise ball in the garage and found the DVD I had bought many months ago. It was still in its shrink-wrap so out it came and I put it on. All the curtains were shut and no-one else was home. I'd love to tell you it was great fun but it really wasn't pretty. As the beautifully toned instructor calmly led me through some basic balancing I was falling onto the floor left, right and centre. At one point she asked "are you feeling a little shaky yet?" Was I shaking? I was a red faced convulsing mess! When I truly could do no more I just gave up and lay there like a starfish on the cool tiles watching her complete the program and do her cool-down stretches with barely a bead of sweat to be be seen on her lightly glowing face.

And so on Monday I will start my fourth week. If I can avoid the scales and complete at least one session of exercise right through to the credits I will feel very proud.

Slow and steady Gina, slow and steady...

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  1. I am full of admiration, the mere idea of fasting scares me.
    I would rather walk and swimm for hours to lose weight (but I have the time to do so, I admit).

  2. Go Gina, go Gina!!!
    I'm proud of you because you got started. Keep your spirits up. It is okay if the first exercise was like that, and it is very healthy to lose weights SLOWLY!
    Go, girl!!!
    says your personal cheerleader,

  3. Go Gina Go! You are on the right track! I had a love hate relationship with the scale at first but I am starting to really love it now! 130 showed itself the other day! Wahoo! Keep up the great work!