Thursday, February 07, 2013

Experiments in my kitchen...

Teachers can be hugely influential on young kids. I'm sure you can think back to a teacher who inspired you as you grew up. For Gareth one teacher has been particularly wonderful. The amazing Mrs Woollett has inspired Gareth in many ways but particularly with her love of science. This teacher is always bursting with energy and ideas and her catch phrase is "...and THAT'S Science!" 

She taught Gareth's class one day last year and told them how to make ice cream. It involved a ziploc bag of milk and sugar nestled in a bigger ziploc bag full of ice cubes and salt. When all bags have the right ingredients safely inside you start to shake them madly and after a few minutes you have churned a small bag of home-made ice-cream. 

This week Gareth wanted to do this experiment again. I was tired and not feeling all that enthused but nothing could stop him until I gave him the go ahead. Unfortunately the outer bag exploded and sent ice cubes and salty water flying all over the kitchen tiles. I told him not to move and went straight for the camera so I could send Mrs Woollett a glimpse of the chaos in my kitchen all in the name of science. 
As I busied myself posting the photo onto Facebook with a sarcastic comment I heard the whoops of joy from the kitchen. The experiment hadn't been a total disaster and the inner bag was full of icy slush that Gareth proceeded to dish out to himself and his sisters. As he proudly carried the little dishes into the tv room to share I heard him say in a voice proud as punch... " now THAT'S Science!" 

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  1. ... and THAT'S priceless!

  2. too funny!

  3. That IS Science- brilliant I tell you! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Haha. Love it! At least he'd enjoying science :)