Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blackbutt Reserve

We spent a lovely afternoon in a local reserve today. We have been told by loads of people that it is a great place to bring the kids and see Koalas and Kangaroos. It was overcast and cool when we got up, not a beach day, so we packed our Esky with a picnic and headed off. Only 20mins later we arrived and were pleasantly surprised to find there was no admission cost - bonus!

It was amazing! We saw wombats being fed their sweet potatoes and corn and saw a reserve keeper weighing the Koalas and feeding fresh eucalyptus leaves to them. The picture of the Koala here made us all laugh as he was fast asleep in the heighest part of the tree...comfy or what?

After the demonstration we were allowed one family at a time into the enclosure to see a Koala up close and have a stroke. We had our picnic in a lovely open grassy area where peacocks were walking around us.

There was even a park lake, a-la Northampton/Abingdon park style. We fed some ducks with bread but stopped when Gareth mentioned that there were turtles in the lake too. There were dozens of them stealing the bread off the ducks. After closer inspection we even spotted a huge eel thrashing about in the water - not a great place for a swim !

A walk around the emu and kangaroo enclosures finished the day off and we drove home with 3 very tired but happy kids in the back of the car!

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  1. are you sure that wasnt byron sleeping in the tree !!!