Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Eve!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!
We have just had a wonderful night drinking champagne in a candlelit swimming pool!
Here's to a wonderful 2006- the beginning of a new chapter of our lives...

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  1. wot only the 87 candles lit !!....looks fantastic ..happy new year ..all our love from sunny swansea..xxxx

  2. Deja vu

  3. hiya

    have been viewing with interest your stories and all your wonderful photos. makes living in northampton very dull.

    Am glad its all working out ok for you all.

    Kev & Bridg

    P.S. Emma says hello to Sian

  4. Happy New Year Mr & Mrs B!! It seems to us you spent the last part of 2005 getting wet in the pool. At least its not rain getting you wet!

    Glad things are going well down under. Hope you have a great 2006!

  5. snap! we did exactly the same thing different continent but not as many candles and we did have to heat our pool to 93 degrees before we got in! Glad yours and our move are both working out.

  6. snap! we did exactly the same in another continent!

    Its good to see we are both doing well in our new lives. Long may it continue!