Monday, January 30, 2006

New home

We have arrived in our new home. It has been a hard few days packing, multiple car trips back and forth bringing our more treasured possessions and leaving the main stuff to the removal firm. We had a huge clean up of the vacated house on Sunday with me inside and Byron in the garden mowing and clipping in very hot conditions. The kids were excellent and amused themselves with a few Barbies and a packet of biscuits!

The new house is fabulous. Air con throughout makes a huge difference. The back garden is 1 1/2 acres of bushland and we have had to set limits as to how far the kids can wander if we are not with them. Kel helped out by telling them there were dangerous snakes if they went past the washing line! It has worked a treat!!! We will post some more indoor shots soon but here are the outdoor ones for now!

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  1. You're right the house does look great, looking forward to seeing it. You could put a tent up for us in the 'bush', but I don't think Nanny would like it.