Saturday, January 14, 2006

Our new house update!

This has been an exciting week. We were on the verge of signing the contract for the plot of land on Buttaba hills (see "Real Estate" blog in December) when another plot in the area went on the market. It is a large plot opposite a waterfront reserve on lake macquarie. It is in a very sought after area and is significantly over budget! We have often driven past it and wondered who owned it and if it would ever be for sale. After much discussion (over many glasses of wine!) we decided to go for it and put in an offer. After a bit of haggling back and forth we had our absolute maximum bid accepted this morning!!! We are holding our breath for our builder to give it the thumbs up. He has seen all the contour levels on paper but officially needs to do his own laser level site inspection. We should know his answer on Tuesday....

It is a beautiful, flat 841 sqm plot 18.2 meters wide and 45.8 meters long. It faces onto a quiet road that follows the lakeside around to a really pretty town called Rathmines (Anyone from Ireland will recognize that name!)

Just across the road is a large flat area of natural reserve, grass and eucalyptus trees which meets the lake edge. There are two picnic benches where we will probably bring our picnic lunches on the weekend. The kids will be able to fish from the edge of the lake! A short way further down the road is a lovely public jetty and boat ramp where Mr B is already daydreaming about launching his speed boat! We should have a good view from the upstairs of the house where there will be an extra living area and small balcony. Lucky Sian will also have a front facing bedroom and balcony! Unfortunately our bedroom is at the back of the house.

Good news for anyone planning a visit, your double bedroom and shower room is downstairs and also at the front looking out at the reserve!!! Bookings can be made any time from now! First come first served!!!

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  1. Fantastic - a water view too. Definitely the right decision.

    Are you going for the full or half size olympic pool?