Monday, January 16, 2006

Working from Home

At first, I found the prospect of working from home on a full-time basis pretty daunting. It's hard to have to go downstairs "into the office", especially when the kids are on their Summer Holidays. I was feeling guilty about leaving the rest of the family upstairs.

What made it worse was the fantastic view of the garden and pool that I have through the window. The pool gets more and more inviting as the day goes on...

The kids have been great though, and fully accept the fact that when Dad has his glasses on he is in work-mode and isn't to be interrupted. Shame Gina hasn't quite cottoned on to this yet !

The downside of working from home is the lack of interaction with other people.

The upside is seeing and hearing the kids play outside, getting coffees and chilled lattes delivered by Gina and having breakfast, lunch and tea as one family. We have a laugh at lunchtime because they nag me to go into the pool, but they generally know that we always have a dip as soon as I finish.

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